European Vocational Skills Week Ambassadors

Set 18, 2020

Who and what are the European Vocational Skills Week Ambassadors?
Ambassadors are individuals appointed by the European Commission who, through their inspiring professional path, can act as a role model for any young person who might be hesitating about taking a vocational path, or an adult who could benefit from upskilling or reskilling through VET.

Who is the Ambassador in Portugal?
Ms. Teresa Damásio – CEO, Grupo ENSINUS
Teresa has been an international teacher for more than 20 years. A lawyer, lecturer and politically active, she has a major interest in higher and non-higher education. Among her many roles, she is administrator of the Real Colégio de Portugal, administrator of Grupo Ensinus – one of the world’s largest Portuguese language teaching groups – president of the board of COFAC in Guinea-Bissau and a member of the board of the National Association of Portuguese Independent Schools. She is a researcher in capacity building and brain gain policies, multiculturalism and gender equality, and regularly participates in conferences. She is married and has three sons.

The profiles of all Ambassadors can be found here.

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